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  • Julia Kozuschnik

    Julia Kozuschnik

    Life Imitates Art Far More Then Art Imitates Life -Oscar Wilde Ⓐ

  • tc


    Passionate about making periods less taboo & more inclusive, working on my first book • rep by @watsonlittle • into film, feminism & felines • rants/views own!

  • Anthony Tornambe

    Anthony Tornambe

    Anthony Tornambe, CFO at Merrimac. is an expert in the field of financial reporting & accounting. Specializing in financial software & the family office space.

  • Nicole Jacobus

    Nicole Jacobus

    Nicole’s NaPoWriMo page: one poem a day for the month of April

  • Sarah Abigail Mann

    Sarah Abigail Mann

    Available at all good off-licences. Wondercrumpful adoraderp. Comic Book villain. Techno nerdette. All thoughts are my own or beamed in by my alien overlords.

  • Meike Brunkhorst

    Meike Brunkhorst

    came to london to find myself, still looking … at art, architecture and hidden corners … for inspiration, ideas and interesting people

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